Reading a book & writing a review

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11 feb 2014

This assignment aims to help students in discovering their reader's taste by letting them sign up for Goodreads. It also allows them to practise their writing skills, specifically review writing.


Register at goodreads so you can keep track of your reading. Fill your virtual bookshelves with the books you've read, the books you're reading and the books you want to read. Follow your friends to be inspired by what they're reading. Write reviews of the books you've read to help others make their choice. Explore the recommendations to find exciting new books to read.


Students discover their personal taste in reading. Students practise writing a review of a book they've read.


  • Have read at least three (English) books


  1. Students register for Goodreads and fill out their profile.
  2. Students fill their read-bookshelf with at least three books.
  3. Students add two classmates (and possibly their teacher) to their list of friends.
  4. Students write a review of a book they've read and post it online.
  5. Students explore the app (especially the recommendations-section) and choose a new book to read.

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